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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Treatment to prevent infestation

Given the characteristics and nature of an infestation by red palm weevils it is vital that it is rapidly detected. To get a reliable diagnosis of the condition of a palm, a specialist company or qualified professional should be consulted. They will be able to advise on treatments or methods of prevention .
There are only some chemical products licensed for preventative and curative treatments, which can be used on their own, combined with or alternating with biological treatments using entomological pathogenic nematodes.
Recommended intervals between treatments are 4 - 6 weeks.
Junta de Andalucia information
Integrated pest management involves a number of strategies to prevent infestation, such as combination treatments and using pheromone traps. Trials in Finca La Concepcion (Malaga) and Finca El Batatal (Marbella) have achieved excellent success in saving infested palms (93%) and there have been very few further cases of infestation.
More information about using traps can be found from Econex (Spanish but click on flag for translation)

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